Partnership Scheme
How The Scheme Works
Getting To Know Your Partner Account

When designing the Nochex Partner Scheme, we spoke with many of our existing partners and asked them for their thoughts and ideas. We have attempted to incorporate those ideas into the scheme and the Nochex Partner Account will continue to develop and evolve as we seek to provide an exciting and dynamic programme to assist partners in referring customers to Nochex and thereby earning generous commissions and bonuses.

We appreciate our Partners are busy people which is one reason why we wanted to keep the Partner Account simple to use but with features to help you develop and manage your referrals.

Below is a brief guide to help you get the most from your account. Should you have any queries or problems, please contact your Partners Manager who will be pleased to help. Call 0113 819 7220 or email

  1. Account Details
  2. You will not be able to edit anything in the section. This will give you an overview of what your current commission balance is, the total amount of commission you have earned since the account opened, and the total number of referrals you have made.

  3. Personal Information
  4. If you click on the button ‘Edit Information’ This will open up a box that allows you to change certain pieces of personal information. The information you can change includes:

    Job Title, Website URL, Business Name, Business Type (Sole Trader / Ltd Co etc), Address and Phone Number.

    When you have made the required changes, click on ‘Update Information’ to save the changes you have made.

  5. Bank Details
  6. You will need to register a bank account to your Partner Account so you can transfer your commission from your Partner Account to your Bank Account.

    Go to the ‘Bank’ tab and click on ‘Add Bank Account’ to enter your bank details.

    You will need to select between UK and International Bank. Please note that there will be a charge for withdrawals to a non-UK bank account.

    Enter your bank information and then click ‘Save Account’

    Select a branch and confirm details are correct. Select ‘Yes Submit’ to save details.

    You can now view your details.

    To change your bank details click ‘Remove Bank Account’ This will clear all your bank details and you can enter the new details.

  7. Payment Options UK
  8. If you click on ? this explains what the threshold limits are for withdrawals. There is a minimum threshold of £10 with a maximum of £10,000, so you will not be able to withdraw less than £10 or more than £10,000. You can set what threshold you require and when the commission achieves that amount, it will be paid into your bank account on the next payment date automatically. You can change this amount at any time.

  9. International Withdrawals
  10. If you have registered an international bank there is a ‘withdraw’ button. When you click on this, you will receive a warning that there will be a charge for making this withdrawal. Unfortunately, the banks charge Nochex for withdrawals to International Banks. If you wish to proceed click ‘Yes – Withdraw’ and the payment will be made to your registered bank account.

  11. Checking Referrals
  12. This section lists all the referrals you have made. It also shows if the referral was accepted or declined by Nochex. There is a summary box at the top. We have provided a search facility for your convenience. If you believe you have made a referral and that referral is not showing in the list, contact your Partner Manager as soon as possible. It may be that your customer has not applied using your referral link. There is no cause to be concerned, your Partner Manager can add to your account manually.

  13. Commission and Contributors
  14. This tool will allow you to fully manage your Partner Account and to further generate introductions. You can see how much commission you have earned each month and how much has been paid to your bank account and when. If you click on the ‘view’ button, you can see which of your customers have generated commission for you that month. We are unable to break this down to an individual merchant basis due to Data Protection Regulations. You will however be able to identify which of your referrals are earning you money and those that are not.

  15. Partner Links
  16. This feature will generate a referral link for you. You can select either a plain text link or an image link. If you select the plain text link, just copy and paste into an email or your web site. When your customer clicks on this they will be directed to a Nochex Merchant Account application form. When the application is received at Nochex, it is automatically identified as a referral from you.

    If you select the image link, you can chose between different images and then click ‘Generate Link ’to get the HTML code.

    We do ask that you insert an image link to your website. This will of course help you with your Google rankings. Again, if the customer clicks on the image, they are directed to the Nochex application form which will be identified as a referral from you. Either of the links can also be sent via email to your customers on an individual basis or as part of a marketing plan to generate more referrals.

    Contact your Partner Manager if you have any difficulty.