PayPal has announced the end of its referral program. If you want to continue earning commission, join the Nochex Partner Scheme and start earning straight away.


  • Unlimited bonus: Unlike the PayPal Program there are no limits to the amount you can earn in the Nochex Partner Programme; in fact, the more that your merchants trade the higher the amount we will pay you
  • No caps: Unlike the PayPal Scheme we don’t cap your commission at £750; and, we won’t stop you earning commission after 12-months. With Nochex you can earn an unlimited amount even after 12-months is up
  • Includes eBay transactions: Revenue that merchants receive from the sale of eBay items was specifically excluded from the PayPal Bonus Scheme; Nochex does not exclude any transactions from its Partners Programme
  • Escalator rates: Paypal paid a flat rate of commission to you irrespective of how much business you brought to them. With Nochex we will pay you a higher share of commission depending on how much your merchants trade
  • Easy to set-up: We make it very easy to integrate Nochex on your merchants’ websites. And, we make it very easy for you to move your merchants who are already in the PayPal scheme to Nochex, so that you can continue to earn income from them
  • No obligations: With PayPal your merchant had to receive payments up to £150 in value before you earned any commission. With Nochex you begin earning commission as soon as your merchants start trading. And we don’t limit the number of merchants you can introduce to the scheme; all of the merchants that you introduce can generate commission for you

Nochex has been helping merchants trade online since 2001 and we have earned an enviable reputation for the excellent quality of our service. If you want your merchants to benefit from the personal support and service that only a company based in the UK can offer, then join the Nochex Partner Scheme now and continue earning commission from all your merchants.