Partnership Scheme
Frequently Asked Questions

How much commission will I earn?

Commission will be calculated on a merchant by merchant, month by month basis. We reward our partners in two ways:

  • A Monthly Profit Share Commission
  • An Annual Renewal Bonus
Monthly Profit Share Commission
> £10,00015%
£10,001 - £50,00020%
£50,001 - £100,00025%
£100,000 +30%
Annual Bonus
£18,000 - £60,000pa£50
£60,001 - £240,000pa£100
£240,000 + pa£150

Below, is an example of how much you could be earning with the Nochex Partner Scheme. If we assume the merchant is processing for the full year at a rate of 2.9% the picture looks like this:

MonthProcessing £'sCommission Rate %Commission £'sBonus £'s

Introduce just 1 merchant a month as above and you would be earning over £6,000 a year.

How long will you pay me commission for?

A really impressive part of the Nochex Partner Scheme is that we will pay you both the commission and the bonuses for as long as your referred merchant continues to process transactions through Nochex. There are no limits on how much you can earn. Most schemes will pay for 12 months with a cap on the amount you can earn.

Do you pay commission for referred UK Trader Accounts?

We treat UK Trader Accounts in exactly the same way as Merchant Accounts as far as Partner Commission is concerned. The same earning potential will be available for UK Trader Accounts.

Do you offer commission for Personal Accounts?

We do not pay commission for referred Personal Accounts, only Merchant and UK Trader Accounts.

I referred a Merchant account to you before I became a partner, can I have the commission?

Unfortunately we cannot attribute commission to accounts refereed before the Partner joined our scheme.

I have referred someone to Nochex but I don't appear to be receiving commission?

First of all check your Partner Account to see if the referral is included in the list. If there is no listing for that referral, contact your Partner Manager (Tel. 0113 819 7220 or email and they will investigate.

I would like to integrate my software with Nochex, is this possible?

We welcome our Partners to place referral links and / or banners onto their websites. Once you have received your account logins, you will find a ‘link generator’ within your account. You can select from this menu and then simply cut and pace into your website.